HTML, Javascript, CSS (DHTML) and GWT!
You are looking at GWT!   

This site look and feel is driven by GWT:
    o All pages use GWT customized with CSS. Example, the menu above.
    o The menu, body layouts is using SSI (Server Side Includes) with GWT.
        We can also combine GWT with JSP, Sitemesh and Freemarker.
    o The index page has a three column layout, which automatically resize. In a browser independent by GWT.
        Go back to home page and check it out. Unmaximize browser and resize it.

Plus, this site is using Dynamic HyperText Markup Language (DHTML). We use Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to bring you DHTML. We have over 10 years in the web development arena. Aiki Innovations has a small team of experts with a suite of skills and expertise in web design, development and deployment. Small does not compromise our serious approach to your project. If you want the best team possible.

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